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Where is Bexleyheath?

Discovering Bexleyheath will be a piece of cake once you've organized a rental car. But before you land in an unfamiliar place, it's always handy to have a little background info about the area.

It sits 12 miles to the east of the center of London, the nation's bustling capital.

One of the most awesome things about road tripping is that you get to meet lots of interesting people. So while you're in Bexleyheath, why not take your rental car for a spin and say hello to a few of the other 7,6, folk who call London their home?

What are the major attractions in Bexleyheath?

Leave that rental car back at the hotel and use those legs. Danson House is near the center of this neighborhood and worth a look. More adventure is waiting for you at Red House and Hall Place and Gardens, which are also a stone's throw away.

What are the best road trip destinations near Bexleyheath?

Be sure to swing by Bexley and Welling while you're here. Give yourself enough time to explore — there's lots to keep you on your feet. Bexley is found 2 miles away, while Welling is 2 miles.

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