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Hertz Rental Cars: What you need to know

If you crave convenience and reliability when you travel, all you need to do is reserve a Hertz car rental. In 1918, Hertz opened shopped with just a few Model T Fords to their name. Due to their quality service and product, today the company has expanded to include not just the Hertz brand, but Dollar and Thrifty as well. This combined power has placed Hertz in more than 10,400 different locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and New Zealand. Individually, Hertz operates in more than 150 different countries and ranks as the most highly trafficked airport rental company in the United States. If the numbers don’t speak for themselves, continue reading to see what makes Hertz stand so far above the competition.

How do I get a cheap car rental with Hertz?

Some of the most effective ways to ensure you’re getting the lowest price on your Hertz car rental are to:

  • Make sure you search and compare a wide range of vehicle options;
  • Book according to your individual mileage and fuel needs;
  • Choose the right car class for your travel plans. 

How old do I have to be to rent from Hertz?

Drivers must be 21 to rent a car from Hertz. A surcharge may be applied to the rate for those under the age of 25.

Is an additional driver possible?

You can add additional drivers if you plan on sharing driving responsibilities. Check with us when you make your reservation for the costs incurred for extra drivers.

What mileage is Hertz offering?

There are different mileage options available when you rent a car from Hertz, but the most popular is probably unlimited mileage, and for good reason. Since all your driving is included in your agreed rate, you won’t have to worry about clocking up too many miles and paying for them when you drop the car off.

What fuel policy should I get?

Like everything on your Hertz rental, the choice really is yours. We recommend opting for the full-to-full fuel policy, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Pick your car up with a full tank of gas, use as much fuel as you need and then just refill it before you drop it back off to its rental location.

What cars does Hertz rent out?

Hertz provide various collections when it comes time to choosing your vehicle. Select a Hertz rental car from The Hertz Adrenaline Collection™, featuring curve-hugging hot rods from Chevy and Ford. Or, hop behind the wheel of a Hertz Dream Cars™. This collection lets you feel the horsepower you wish you could harness in your daily life with vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Bentley, and more. The eco-friendly traveler will relish Hertz’s Green Collection. This line of electric and hybrid vehicles is the perfect nod to the environment and your getaway needs, including vehicles from Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and more.

What do I need to rent a car from Hertz?

Hertz make it easy to rent a vehicle. All you need to bring with you is your driver's license and your proof of insurance document. (You can buy insurance from the checkout if you are a US citizen and aren’t already covered by your personal insurance.) Oh, and of course the credit card you used to secure the booking.

What kind of car should I rent from Hertz?

As you can see, Hertz have a wide range of vehicles available to rent, so one of them is sure to match your travel needs. We’ve listed some of the options below to help you decide.

Avoid the hassle of waiting in line for public transportation during your next jaunt out of town and book your Hertz Rent a Car ahead of time. That way, instead of shelling out money for uncomfortable cab rides, you’ll be lounging in your very own vehicle and exploring the area independently. Book your Hertz rental today with the help of our cheap deals and discounts here on