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Avis Rent A Car: What you need to know

Avis has become a leading name in the car rental industry due to its widespread international presence juxtaposed with its small business mentality. Although the company operates from over 165 different countries with nearly 6,000 locations, they continue to tailor to every customer’s specific needs. The company’s exceptional customer service makes it one of the world’s top brands for customer retention. On top of providing a large selection of notable brands, the company has stayed up to date on current car and technological trends since their founding in 1946.

How do I get a cheap car rental with Avis?

We always make sure the best deals are visible to you. The best way for you to feel confident that you’re getting the best rate is to:

  • Look for the vehicles you would like and compare the various deals and prices on offer;
  • Know how much fuel and mileage you’ll need according to your itinerary;
  • Think about whether you can downsize your vehicle or opt for a fuel-efficient rental. 

How old do I have to be to rent from Avis?

Renters of Avis vehicles must be 21 or over. Under 25s might be asked to pay a surcharge, so bear this in mind when budgeting for your rental car.

Is it possible to add an additional driver?

Yes, additional drivers may be added if your travel plans require. Check the website direct or ask a customer service advisor for specific additional-driver rates.

What mileage does Avis offer?

One of the most popular options for mileage is the unlimited one. Quite simply, you can drive as much as you need to during your rental period, for one fixed price. If you’re planning lots of road trips during your trip or you’re unsure how much ground you’ll be covering, this option removes all the worry about clocking up too many miles.

What fuel policy should I get?

The full-to-full fuel policy is simple and easy: you collect the car with a full tank of gas and just need to refuel before you drop the vehicle off again. This way, you only use the fuel that you need!

What cars does Avis rent out?

Avis’ “We Try Harder” mantra applies to not only their patron services, but to their fleet of vehicles as well. The company offers their Signature Series car collection to travelers looking to make a lasting impression during both business and leisure trips. The series compiles top of the line luxury vehicles in peak condition. In addition to luxurious Lexus’ and BMWs, AVIS has a rental car in stock to suit your preferences. Patrons will also find affordable options such as Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet.

What do I need to rent a car from Avis?

There are three things you need to remember to pack when coming to the counter to collect your car rental: your driver’s license, your insurance document, and your credit card. Show these to the Avis representative and you’ll be on the road in no time.

What kind of car should I rent from Avis?

There are lots of vehicle options available from Avis, and you can make the choice most suited to you based on your itinerary and the size of your travel party. We’ve detailed a few rental options below to get you started.

At, we can connect you to an Avis rent a car at the lowest possible price. Browse our selection of deals and discounts today to secure the rental car that’s right for you at rates you can afford.