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Alamo Rent A Car: All you need to know

One of the mainstay names in the hire industry today, Alamo is sure to be a contender in those price comparisons. A big fleet of up-to-date vehicles is what's on offer, in a kaleidoscope of locations, from the palm-fringed beaches of Latin America to the fun-loving family resorts of Florida.

What's the trick to getting low-cost car rentals with Alamo?

Online searches are the best way to go if you're keen to get a bargain car rental with Alamo. On top of that, it might be worth:

  • Naming just a single driver for your vacation;
  • Booking well in advance of your departure date;
  • Trying to find a pick-up point that's not in the airport, which can be cheaper;
  • Making time to browse and compare rates online.

Will I need to be a certain age to be able to rent a car with Alamo?

21 is the minimum age that's needed to bag a car hire with Alamo. That said, you will likely need to splash out a little extra on a surcharge if you aren't past 25 yet.

Does Alamo offer additional drivers?

If you're keen to share time behind the rental car wheel between other members of your travel party, you might want to consider naming extra drivers on that Alamo policy. It's almost always allowed, but be aware that it will usually incur extra costs.

What mileage policies are there to consider with Alamo?

The most common mileage policy on offer is unlimited – in fact, Alamo pioneered the concept of unlimited mileage way back in the 70s. But before you clock up 1,000s on the milometer, be sure to check there aren't any other limitations on where and how far you can drive.

And what about fuel policies?

It's most likely that your Alamo car hire will have a full-to-full fuel policy. That's good because it means you'll only pay for the fuel you use. A trip to the gas station is needed before dropping the wheels back at the outlet, however.

What sort of car is on offer from Alamo?

Alamo touts a truly eclectic range of vehicles. You can go swish with open-top sports cars that would look at home on the palm-shaded boulevards of California. Or, you can stay simple – and cheap – with something compact. In between, there are business cars, SUVs, and even minivans.

Are there any other requirements to get an Alamo rental car?

A driver's license is, of course, required. Insurance is perhaps the most important additional extra that you'll need to think about. Thankfully, it's super easy to add to any Alamo booking over What's more, you might already be covered thanks to existing credit card or vehicle policies.

What make and model should I book at Alamo?

Bagging the right car from Alamo depends on the size of your party, where you're headed, and what you want to do.

A look back at Alamo car hire

Alamo opened its doors to travelers in Florida back in the early 70s. As a pioneer of the concept of unlimited mileage, it was a favorite of folk who liked a real adventure. Later expansions saw the addition of cutting-edge online check-in systems and partnerships with the iconic Disney resorts of the Sunshine State, which helped to grow the company, taking the name to countless locations across the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean , and Asia.