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Passenger van rental: All you need to know

How can I get a cheap passenger van rental?

Searching on means you can quickly weigh up the options when it comes to all kinds of car rentals – including passenger vans. Want to keep to a budget? Remember to:

  • Book your passenger van well before your trip;
  • Register only one driver for the vehicle;
  • Try to avoid picking up at an airport;
  • Compare lots of deals from different companies.

What kind of vehicle is a passenger van?

As the name implies, a passenger van, such as a Ford Transit or a Chevrolet Express, is a large vehicle designed to carry larger groups of people. You can expect good amounts of legroom and plenty of space to store luggage.

Who is a passenger van right for?

Passenger vans are perfect for groups of friends or family members heading off on big outings. Whether you’re all going on a camping trip, heading to a team-building business retreat, or a wedding event, passenger vans ensure space and comfort for everyone.

What’s the minimum age for renting a passenger van?

The minimum age requirements can differ depending on where you are and who you’re renting with. But on the whole, drivers will be expected to be at least 21. If you’re fortunate enough to be under 25, there could also be a surcharge.

Do I need insurance for a passenger van rental?

You’ll always need insurance when driving a vehicle. It could be the case that your credit card or pre-existing car insurance policy actually covers rental cars. If not, you can purchase a new policy from your chosen car rental company or

What should I bring when picking up a passenger van rental?

Your driver's license is essential when you arrive at the car rental company desk. You should also remember to pack the credit card used to book the passenger van.

Is it possible to book one-way intermediate car rental?

Rental companies like Avis, Alamo, and Dollar will usually let you book one-way, so you can pick your passenger van up at one branch and drop it off at another. Just check beforehand about the logistics and whether extra fees are involved.

What fuel policy is recommended for a passenger van rental?

While there may be a number of options on offer, the most cost-effective fuel policy for most drivers is full-to-full. This simply means you pick the passenger van up with a full tank of gas and return it with a full tank. Remember to make time to refuel or you’ll have to pay a fee.

Can I have I have unlimited miles with a passenger van rental?

Unlimited mileage is very common, which is good news for anyone heading off on a road trip. But be sure to check out the details and ensure your passenger van does indeed come with unlimited mileage, to avoid accidentally racking up extra fees.

Can I use a debit card to rent a passenger van?

While credit cards are preferred by car rental companies, some will allow you to rent your passenger van with a debit card. They may have to run a credit check on you, and ask for added forms of ID, so check the terms and conditions beforehand.