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What are the major attractions in San Andres de Montejos?

Nothing tops a couple of insider tips and hints when it comes to experiences and attractions. Secure a rental car with, ask the locals what's good and then hit the road!

What are the best road trip destinations near San Andres de Montejos?

The greatest part about having your own car is that you can travel where you want, when you want. Make the most of your newfound freedom by discovering all that there is to do in Val de San Lorenzo. After all, it's just 25 miles away. Once you've stretched your legs and had something to eat, it'll be time to see the sights. We suggest starting your trip with the Museo del Chocolate, Astorga Cathedral and Palacio Episcopal. Don't skip Astorga either! Just 25 miles away, it also offers plenty to see and do. City Hall, the Museo de la Catedral and the Museo de los Caminos are compulsory stops.

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