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Where is Lodz Voivodeship?

So, you're about to tear off on your next thrilling adventure. Before you pack your case and cruise down the highway, let us give you some facts about Lodz Voivodeship. This part of Poland is home to 768,8 people. If you're eager to find out what wonderful things there are to do here, you could always steer your car in the direction of one of the happening haunts in town and have a chat to some of the locals.

What are the best road trip destinations in Lodz Voivodeship?

With a wealth of glorious highways and tempting open roads, many travelers choose to turn their Lodz Voivodeship vacations into driving adventures. If you're organizing a road trip to remember, it pays to know which destinations to put on your bucket list. Here are the most popular regions to visit in this magnificent place:

  • Lodz (population of 768,8)
  • Piotrkow Trybunalski (population of 8,1)
  • Pabianice (population of 7,5)
  • Tomaszow Mazowiecki (population of 67,2)

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