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Average Pick-Up time: 31-40 minutes

6.5 Out of 10 (4 Reviews)

5.0 out of 5.0 4.0 out of 5.0

Marc Eden Reviewed on Aug 7, 2019, 1:31 AM

We had a good car and pleasant staff. Only thing that was a bit annoying is that we thought we were picking up from a place but actually we only registered there and then had to walk to central station to get keys and then walk again to get car. Car was clean and dropoff was thankfully very efficient.

5.0 out of 5.0 3.0 out of 5.0

puthenpurayil Reviewed on Jul 19, 2019, 10:19 AM

My experience with the quality of the car for the value was very good, In the summer especially in July and August,,if you are picking up your car in Munich airport expect LONG DELAY in processing,.( after a long flight ) I have been going to Salzburg for the past 15 plus years and pic up the car at MUC and have experienced much delay,. First they dont have enough staff to cover the volume of people, Secondly,I noticed they push hard on foreign tourists to buy extra insurance or do upgrades both of which are sources of extra revenue for them. This is VERY FRUSTRATING>>>

5.0 out of 5.0 2.0 out of 5.0

Eileen Reviewed on Nov 16, 2018, 8:17 PM

The car we had reserved was not in stock so the gave us a very large vehicle, a Ford Edge. It was parked two blocks away from the office so we had to drag our luggage to the garage. The Hertz vehicles were on the 6th floor so we had to maneuver a very large vehicle through 5 incredibly tight turns. The car sensors were going off the whole time as there was only an inch or two of clearance on each side. When we returned the car, they said there was a big scratch on the front bumper that wasn’t there when we picked it up. I have no idea if it was there before or not but the only place it could have happened was in their garage. Thankfully we got the ridiculously overpriced insurance or we would’ve had to pay for that. I wouldn’t rent from this location.

We collected 4 reviews in total for all stations in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken, Munich, Bavaria, Germany with an average score of 6.5/10.
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What are the major attractions in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

If your trip to Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken is all locked in but your travel itinerary is looking a bit empty, we can give you a helping hand.

There are lots of sights within easy reach of the center of this neighborhood, such as Theresienwiese. Odeonsplatz and Sendlinger Tor are a couple of other close-by sights that lure loads of travelers like yourself.

What are the best road trip destinations near Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

During your stay, you'll want to visit nearby Graggenau. Englischer Garten Süd is another place that's worth your time. Graggenau is about 1 mile from Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken, while Englischer Garten Süd is located 2 miles away.

Where are the best convention centers near Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

If you're traveling to Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken for work-related purposes, you'll probably be visiting some business and convention centers. With your own rental car, you're sure to make it there on time. Here are some of the biggest and the best:

  • TonHalle München (2 miles away).
  • Munich Order Center (MOC) (5 miles away).
  • New Fair Munich (6 miles away).

What kind of rental car should I get for Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

If you love the idea of being able to get a parking space easily, lock in a compact car. With Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken situated just 0.3 miles from Munich, there's a good chance you'll visit downtown during your stay. Choose a vehicle that's big enough for the whole crew (and your bags!), yet small enough to handle the turns and traffic conditions of city driving.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

First of all, there's a broad range of both high-end and economy vehicles to rent in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken. What you end up going with is largely dependent on your budget as well as what you plan to do. Prestige vehicles offer unparalleled mod cons and comfort. If you want to treat yourself, why not book a fully kitted-out SUV, or perhaps an upmarket medium-sized vehicle? Alternatively, if you're just after something to zip around town in as cheaply as possible, you're better off choosing an economy compact vehicle (or something else that's unlikely to break the bank).

What do I need to know about driving in Munich?

Before you put together your ultimate driving playlist, there's a different list you should be familiar with before getting behind the wheel of your rental car. Have a look at these road rules for Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken and beyond:

What side of the road do they drive on in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

People drive on the right-hand side of the road in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken. Even though you may be comfortable with the traffic rules, it's always wise to drive with a little extra care in places you've never been.

Does Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken have peak-hour traffic?

Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken, a neighborhood of Munich, typically sees some traffic delays from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, and again from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Organize your sightseeing outside these times for a smoother ride.

Is it difficult to park in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

It can be. Driving around the block looking for a parking spot is a common experience in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken. Getting close to the popular sights is easier if you plan ahead.

Are there speed limits in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

If you're driving through Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken, a neighborhood in the city of Munich, speed limits range from 30 km/h to 130 km/h. Take note that residential areas typically have a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h.

What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Munich?

Normally, your chosen car rental company will charge the amount of the fine to your credit card. Alternatively, the company may forward your contact details to local law enforcement agencies so they can send a fine directly to you.

Are seat belts compulsory in Munich?

Seat belts are compulsory in Munich. That being said, the rule may differ for some vehicles, such as those operated by public transportation systems.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

As is the case in many places, standard cell phone usage is not allowed while cruising around Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken. There is an exception for hands-free or Bluetooth functions. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road.

What are the rules around drink driving in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

In Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken, it's a punishable offence to operate a vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) in excess of 0.05%. If you're in the mood for a few drinks, leave the rental car behind.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken?

No, it's not. In Ludwigsvorstadt-Kliniken, red means stop, with no exceptions. When nearing traffic lights, always drive at a safe speed so you can easily stop if you need to.

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