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Where is Araras?

Feel like jumping into a rental car and hitting the highway without any plans? No matter how casual you are with organizing your schedule, there are some pieces of info that you can't set off without. Let us tell you a thing or two about Araras.

The neighborhood of Araras lies about 40 miles northwest of the city center of Campinas.

Throw your bags in the trunk, step on the accelerator and get ready to venture out of Araras. With a population of 1,000,000, there are lots of fascinating characters for you to meet in Campinas.

What are the major attractions in Araras?

Rock climbing is extremely popular with people in the Campinas region. If you're after more outdoor activities, try some mountain climbing as well.

What are the best road trip destinations near Araras?

When you're ready to venture out and explore the surrounds, Conchal will be waiting for you. Take a stroll and see what you come across! It's located 12 miles away.

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