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What you Need to know about car rentals at Buenos Aires Airport (AEP)

As you start your descent, you can feel the anticipation rising. Once you grab your luggage, your holiday can begin in this great city,. With so much to see and do in Buenos Aires, you will desire an automobile to visit everywhere on your to-do list. What better way to get a jump start on your vacation than to get in the driver's seat right away? Below is practically all the information you want to know to ensure your rental experience at Buenos Aires Airport (AEP) is as easygoing as possible.

How do I locate the cheapest car rental company at Buenos Aires Airport?

You are in the right place if you are trying to find the best price on your Buenos Aires rental car. If you want to increase your savings, try to:

  • Book as far in advance as possible. You will usually save more and get the car of your choice
  • Compare and contrast daily and weekly rates from all the different suppliers
  • Be aware of any cost for an added driver, fuel policy, and mileage limits. That way you can make sure you know the total cost before you rent

Do I have to be a certain age to book a car in Buenos Aires?

The minimum age to rent an automobile in Buenos Aires is 21. However, there is typically an additional charge for anyone under 25. Also note, if you plan to rent a higher category vehicle (premium, large capacity, SUV, etc.) there may be further age restrictions. Check with the rental car company before you book.

What rental car suppliers are at Buenos Aires Airport?

There are several at the Buenos Aires Airport. You'll find the popular rental car suppliers that are eager to serve those coming to Buenos Aires Airport.

Is insurance required for Buenos Aires car rentals?

Proof of insurance is required before you rent a car in Buenos Aires. Many of the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) typically cover your car rental. However, they frequently have limitations, such as not covering bigger vehicles, like premium models or some SUVs. It is best to find out exactly what your credit card will cover before you head to Buenos Aires. Otherwise, you can add on Collision Damage Coverage through at checkout if you are a U.S. citizen.

What items will I need when picking up my car rental?

Be sure to bring your driver's permit and a credit card in your name.

What fuel policy should I go for in Buenos Aires?

We advise a full tank policy. You should receive your automobile with the needle at "F". However, if you return your rental with less fuel than you began with, the company may charge a premium to top it off. If you want to save some money, fill up your tank before you return the car.

Do I need unlimited miles when I rent a car in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires certainly has its charms, but unlimited miles means you have unlimited possibilities of where to go and what to see after you've checked off all the hot spots in Buenos Aires. Whatever you choose to do, unlimited miles gives you one less thing to worry about when see as much of Buenos Aires as you can during your vacation..

Is it possible to book one-way at Buenos Aires Airport?

Most rental car companies typically offer one-way rentals. You may find it easier to drop off your vehicle at another location. Don't forget there may be an additional fee when you decide to only go one-way.

Is there a particular car I should reserve for my trip to Buenos Aires?

That all depends on your needs and what activities you want to do in Buenos Aires. Smaller vehicles are easier to park and ideal for short drives. If you are traveling with family or friends, then a mid-size or SUV is going to have enough room for all of you and offer a more comfortable ride on longer drives. Those looking for a dash of extravagance on their Buenos Aires vacation can choose the premium category for a car like a Mercedes C-Class or Audi A4 or similar.

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With Buenos Aires's well-known sights and activities, you'll want to make your trip worthwhile. When you book a rental car with a company you can depend on, you won't have to worry about crazy scheduling costs, and you can focus on what really matters on your trip. So, on your next trip, score big on our deals by booking your inexpensive Buenos Aires rental car.

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