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Where is 6th of October City?

Are you the sort of traveler who loves planning every single detail of your trip? Or would you prefer to pick up a rental car and take things as they come? However you like to go about it, there are some basic details about 6th of October City that you can't go without.

6th of October City can be found just 2 miles west of the heart of Cairo, the country's exciting capital.

Throw your bags in the trunk, fill up the tank and get ready to head out of 6th of October City. With a population of 7,7,, there are tons of wonderful people for you to meet in Cairo.

What are the major attractions in 6th of October City?

Nothing beats a couple of insider tips and hints when it comes to attractions and experiences. Lock in a rental car with CarRentals.com, talk to the locals about what's good and then hit the highway!

What are the best road trip destinations near 6th of October City?

Journey out of 6th of October City for a bit and experience something new. Sheikh Zayed City is popular with visitors. Swing by and find out what's on offer. Set aside some time to check it out. It's found 8 miles away.

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