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Where is Giza Governorate?

Are you the sort of traveler who revels in working out every tiny detail of your vacation? Or would you rather grab a rental car and be more of a free spirit? Whatever starts your motor, there are some key points about Giza Governorate that you really should know. Make yourself familiar with Egypt, because that's where you'll need to head to kick off your adventure.

What are the major attractions in Giza Governorate?

What's the point of picking up a rental car if you're not going to soak up this place's most exciting sights? Giza Governorate is home to some incredible attractions. Here are some you can't miss:

  • Red Pyramid (124 miles from the center of Giza Governorate, Egypt)
  • Giza Pyramid Complex (8 miles from the center of Cairo (and vicinity), Giza Governorate)
  • Pyramid of Djoser (4 miles from the center of Al-Badrashayn, Cairo (and vicinity))

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