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What are the major attractions in Sobral?

Mountain climbing is quite popular with the locals in the Ceara region. If you're seeking more outdoor activities, go hiking as well.

What are the best road trip destinations near Sobral?

Let's see what your new ride can do. Day trips into the neighboring areas are just one of the reasons that renting a car here is such a tempting idea. Without one, it'd be much harder to explore everything that Tiangua, 40 miles away, has to offer. Once you've stretched out your arms and legs and gotten a bite to eat, it'll be time to admire the sights. We suggest starting your journey with Ubajara National Park, Eucaliptos Square and Church of Sao Jose. Locals may also point you towards Camocim, 60 miles away. If you only see one attraction here, let it be Praia das Barreiras. (But we'd also highly recommend Camocim Square and Airplane Square.)

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