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Where is Ribeirao Pires?

Before you hop into your rental car and drive off into the sunset, let us help you with some of the basics about Ribeirao Pires.

Ribeirao Pires is a neighborhood in the charming city of Sao Paulo. You can find it about 18 miles to the southeast of the center of downtown.

One of the greatest things about taking a road trip is that you get to come across a bunch of interesting people. So while you're in Ribeirao Pires, why not head out of town in your rental car and get to know some of the other 10,000,000 individuals who call Sao Paulo home?

What are the major attractions in Ribeirao Pires?

Rock climbing is extremely popular with travelers and locals in the Sao Paulo region. If you want more outdoor activities, try some mountain climbing as well.

What are the best road trip destinations near Ribeirao Pires?

Seen all there is to see in Ribeirao Pires? Looks like it's time to head to Iupeba. This nearby neighborhood has lots of things to keep you on your feet. It's found just 2 miles away, so you have no excuses not to go.

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