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Where is Oak Bluff?

Are you the sort of person who likes planning your vacation down to the tiniest detail? Or would you prefer to pick up a rental car and play it by ear? Whatever your method, there is some basic information about Oak Bluff that you shouldn't leave home without.

It's a piece of cake to get to Oak Bluff. It's just 9 miles southwest of the main streets of Winnipeg, the provincial capital of Manitoba.

Shove your bags in the trunk, grab the steering wheel and get ready to venture out of Oak Bluff. With a population of 650,000, there are loads of interesting folks for you to meet in Winnipeg.

What are the major attractions in Oak Bluff?

The wider Winnipeg region is renowned for some excellent snowboarding and skiing. So why don't you hop into a rental car, breathe in some fresh, clean air and get closer to nature?

What are the best road trip destinations near Oak Bluff?

When it's time to venture out and experience the surrounding area, Tuxedo will be waiting for you. Go for a wander and see what you run into! Sitting just 7 miles away, it's the perfect way to pass some time.

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