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Where is Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia)?

Exploring Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia) will be simple once you're sitting in your rental car. But before you land in an unfamiliar place, it's always a good idea to have a little basic info about the area.

Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia) is located 16 miles to the northwest from downtown Nevsehir.

What are the major attractions near Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia)?

If your trip to Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia) is all booked but your itinerary is a bit on the empty side, let us give you a helping hand.

If you're curious about what's around you, get behind the wheel and head off to Church of St John. This sight attracts travelers from near and far. Also, Open Palace is worth adding to your itinerary.

What kind of rental car should I get from Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia)?

Fetch your bags exit the gates of Nevsehir (NAV-Cappadocia), and collect your rental car. Which one you motor off in depends on where you plan to go. If you'll be primarily driving in downtown Nevsehir, around 16 miles from the terminal, go for something zippy. A compact car that's easy to operate will suit those busy city streets. But with a smorgasbord of things to see, like the scenic canals of the surrounding area, you'll probably be clocking up a few miles. A larger vehicle, like a full-size car or an SUV, will make lengthier road trips more comfortable.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Nevsehir Airport (NAV-Cappadocia)?

Sometimes it's all about the journey, which makes your car choice important. If you're about to embark on an amazing road trip around Nevsehir Airport (NAV-Cappadocia), a safe and sturdy SUV could be the best solution. If you'd like the cheapest price possible and plan on sticking mostly to the city, an economy car is a smart pick. All you need to do is choose what suits you best, throw your bags in the trunk, and hit the wide, open road.

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