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Where is Guaratingueta?

Sometimes getting completely lost is the way to truly find yourself. That said, before you grab the keys to a rental car, it can be helpful to know just a few key things about Guaratingueta — like where to find it on the map!

Guaratingueta is a neighborhood in Campos do Jordao. To reach it, venture 25 miles east of the bustling main streets.

While there are lots of terrific people in Guaratingueta, don't forget to drive out of town and introduce yourself to some of the friendly characters in the neighboring areas. Some 53,000 people call Campos do Jordao their home.

What are the major attractions in Guaratingueta?

The wider area is known for some great rock climbing and mountain climbing. Why not hop into a car, fill your lungs with fresh air and get closer to nature?

What are the best road trip destinations near Guaratingueta?

Guaratingueta is great, but you can't spend your whole vacation there! Get out and explore the surrounding area. Potim is an excellent place to start. Lying just 5 miles away, it's the best way to spend some time.

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