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What are the major attractions in Guanhaes?

There's nothing like breathing in fresh, clean air and getting up close to nature. Rock climbing and mountain climbing are extremely popular pastimes in the wider region.

What are the best road trip destinations near Guanhaes?

If you find yourself with a bit of spare time and you're willing to travel 40 miles, go and soak up Serro. This lively place offers up loads of things to keep you occupied. Once you've stretched those legs and gotten something to eat, it'll be time to see the sights. We suggest starting with Farm of the Baron of Serro, Chapel of Santa Rita and Igreja de NS do Carmo. Ipatinga is another terrific option. It's 50 miles away and offers heaps of interesting things to see and do. Make sure you don't miss Ipanema Park, the Zelia Olguin Theater and Waterfalls Park Club.

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