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What are the major attractions in Fujikawaguchiko?

Adventure is right around the corner at Fugaku Wind Cave. It's one sight you'll usually find on many travelers' must-do lists. Koyodai and Narusawa Ice Cave are also nearby and worth taking the time to see.

What are the best road trip destinations near Fujikawaguchiko?

Dig out your bucket list, because it's about to get that tiny bit longer. Once you've marked off the sights in Fujikawaguchiko, you'll discover a big-name attraction not too far away. The Sensoji Temple hardly needs an introduction. Located about 60 miles away in Tokyo, be sure to organize your travel calendar to include this unmissable attraction.

Car rentals in Kawaguchiko: All you need to know

A Kawaguchiko car rental allows you to go where you want, when you want. You'll be able to explore all the sights, and even see what else the rest of the region has to offer. CarRentals.com has answered the most popular questions about car rentals in Kawaguchiko. Keep reading to see the dos and don'ts of renting a car.

How do I find a bargain rental car in Kawaguchiko?

We always strive to get you the best deal. However, to get the most savings when you travel to Kawaguchiko you can do a few things. You can:

  • Read the mileage policy to avoid any surprise fees
  • Book your car rental as far ahead of time as possible
  • Avoid airport pick-ups; they tend to be more expensive
  • Compare weekly and daily rates; you may save more if you rent the car for longer

These tips can help you save even more on your next car rental in Kawaguchiko.

What rental suppliers have agencies in Kawaguchiko?

From global names like Hertz and Enterprise to budget-friendly brands like Economy and Budget, CarRentals.com has some of the best brands in the business. Scan through the online reviews to help you figure out which is best for your next trip.

What types and makes of rental cars are on offer in Kawaguchiko?

That depends on how many people you are traveling with and what you'll be doing when you visit Kawaguchiko. If you're having a bit of trouble picking the right car, be sure to read over the table below. We've compared the most popular categories for you:

What age do you have to be to rent a car in Kawaguchiko?

Normally, to rent a car in Kawaguchiko you must be at least 21. However, you may find that there is an additional charge if you're under the age of 25 or for larger or higher category vehicles. Read over the supplier's terms to discover what the exact fee is before you reserve your rental.

Do I need insurance to rent a car in Kawaguchiko?

Insurance is mandatory, no matter where you rent a car. Nevertheless, you might already be insured by your credit card or car policies. Keep in mind, your policies may not cover you 100%, and you'll need to add it on to your booking. Look into it before you book and, if it is required, you can easily include it at checkout.

What is the fuel policy for Kawaguchiko rental cars?

Most suppliers allow you to choose which policy you want. Here is a list of the typical policies.

You will have to search for an open gas station near your car rental supplier

What fuel policy should I get?

Many rental car suppliers offer a range of fuel policies. However, the stand-out choice is usually full-to-full. It simply means returning the car with the same level of gas as you got it with, so you'll never pay for anyone else's road trips through the Kawaguchiko.

Should I get unlimited miles when I rent a car in Kawaguchiko?

If you want to see all that Kawaguchiko offers, you are going to want unlimited miles. You can drive as far as you'd like without worrying about additional charges. Review the fine print to be sure your mileage is truly "unlimited."

Before you leave the lot

Before you get started on your Kawaguchiko trip, make sure you check a few items before you leave the rental lot. It's important to:

  • Look over your vehicle and determine if there is any dents or scratches. Be sure to make note of it on the paperwork, or you may get charged for it
  • Check the trunk to see if the spare is properly inflated and the necessary tools to change it are there
  • Familiarize yourself with the car. Adjust the mirrors and seats, and note how to turn on the lights and windshield wipers
  • Figure out how to work the navigation and entertainment. You don't want any unneeded distractions in a new city

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