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Frequently asked questions

What are the major attractions in Septemes-les-Vallons?
If your trip to Septemes-les-Vallons is all sorted out but your itinerary is looking a bit empty, we can give you a few hints and tips.Make some new memories without having to travel very far at Eglise Evangelique Armenienne and Speedwater Park. Make sure you bring your camera.
What are the best road trip destinations near Septemes-les-Vallons?
If you’re eager to venture out on a day trip, we can give you some ideas. Why not hop in the car and see what’s going on in 15th Arrondissement or Le Merlan? You’ll find 15th Arrondissement 2 miles away. If you’re planning to visit Le Merlan, it’s 3 miles away. Both have a good variety of hotels if you can’t wait to slide into a comfy bed after a long day of sightseeing.
Where are the best beaches near Septemes-les-Vallons?
Fill up the gas tank, put your key in the ignition and get ready to feel the sea breeze whipping through your hair. Septemes-les-Vallons has some gorgeous stretches of coast, such as:

  • Plage de La Lave (5 miles away).
  • Plage du Fortin (5 miles away).
  • Plage de la Batterie (6 miles away).

Where are the best convention centers near Septemes-les-Vallons?
If you’re going to a corporate conference in Septemes-les-Vallons, you may want to follow up with your new friends over dinner. Luckily, these convention centers have some excellent cafés and restaurants close by:

  • International Fair and Exhibition Center Marseille (8 miles away).
  • Parc Chanot Convention and Exhibition Center (8 miles away).

What kind of rental car should I get for Septemes-les-Vallons?
Whether you’re hitting the road by yourself or with a group, we’ve got your perfect ride in Septemes-les-Vallons. If you want something small, why not consider a mini? These nifty cars are fun to drive and cheap on gas. Can’t wait to explore the surrounding areas? An SUV or a full-size car might be just what you need. If you’d prefer to go all out on this vacation, turn some heads with a premium car.
Should I get a luxury rental car in Septemes-les-Vallons?
You’ll be glad to hear that there’s a great range of both luxury and economy rental vehicles on offer in Septemes-les-Vallons. What you end up going for depends on your budget and what you plan to do. Prestige vehicles are hard to beat if you’re all about comfort and class. If you want to indulge yourself, why not grab an elite SUV, or perhaps a fancy mid-size sedan? On the other hand, if you’re just after something to whiz around town in as efficiently as possible, stick with a no-frills compact vehicle (or something else that won’t blow your budget).
What side of the road do they drive on in Septemes-les-Vallons?
Motorists drive on the right side of the road in Septemes-les-Vallons. Even though the conditions may be similar to home, it’s always wise to drive with a little extra care in places you’ve never been.
Is it difficult to park in Septemes-les-Vallons?
Finding a car space in Septemes-les-Vallons isn’t always simple. That’s why many look for a hotel that has its own parking. When leaving the car around the city, keep an eye on the signage. Overstaying the permitted time limit could result in a hefty fine.
Does Septemes-les-Vallons have peak-hour traffic?
With Marseille having a modest population of roughly 17,600, traffic isn’t a major worry in neighborhoods like Septemes-les-Vallons. As with most places, the roads are at their busiest as people drive to and from work. Try to avoid those times for a hassle-free ride.
Are there speed limits in Septemes-les-Vallons?
The speed limits in the neighborhood of Septemes-les-Vallons are similar to the rest of Marseille, ranging from 30km/h to 90km/h. For the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, a default speed limit of 50km/h applies to residential zones.
What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Marseille?
Most of the time, your rental car company will bill the amount detailed on the fine to your credit card, including local taxes and surcharges. Or they may share your information with the relevant local authority, who’ll then send a fine directly to you.
Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Septemes-les-Vallons?
As in many places, regular cell phone usage is prohibited while driving around Septemes-les-Vallons. An exception applies for hands-free or Bluetooth functions. Just be sure to stay focused on the road.
What are the rules around drink driving in Septemes-les-Vallons?
While driving in Septemes-les-Vallons, it’s an offence to have a BAC (blood alcohol content) above 0.05%. Planning to have a few beers while you’re out? Consider taking a taxi or using a ride-sharing service.
Is turning on a red light allowed in Septemes-les-Vallons?
Turning on a red light isn’t permitted in Septemes-les-Vallons. Always be on the alert for traffic signs and lights to ensure you don’t breach any road rules.
Are seat belts compulsory in Marseille?
Seat belts have to be worn in Marseille. However, these rules may not apply for some vehicles, such as those used by public transportation networks.

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