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Where is Sergipe?

There's nothing like drifting like a free spirit. But there's also something comforting about knowing which way you're going. Before you pick up your rental car and tear down those streets and highways, it pays to know a few things about Sergipe. You'll have to book a flight to Brazil to get to this epic destination.

What are the best road trip destinations in Sergipe?

With a wealth of well-kept highways and tempting open roads, many travelers choose to turn their Sergipe vacations into self-drive tours. If you're putting together an unforgettable road trip, you'll want to know which destinations are worthy of your bucket list. Experience some (or all) of this place's most visited cities:

  • Aracaju (population of 49,2)
  • Nossa Senhora Do Socorro (population of 164,)
  • Sao Cristovao (population of 71,5)
  • Itabaiana (population of 63,9)

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