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Where is Blanquefort?

Blanquefort. So much to explore, so little time. Before you set off in your rental car and discover this amazing place, let us start you off with some key essentials.

The neighborhood of Blanquefort sits about 6 miles north of the central streets of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux has a population of approximately 230,000. So, if you're looking at going on a road trip while you're in Blanquefort, you're sure to cross paths with some wonderful new people.

What are the major attractions in Blanquefort?

Make the short drive out of the center of the neighborhood and spend a few hours discovering the Golf Blue Green Bordeaux - Lac and Park Majolan. Once you've checked them off your list, steer your car in the direction of Chateau Saint-Ahon.

What are the best road trip destinations near Blanquefort?

Be sure to stop by Bruges and Bordeaux-Lac during your time here. Set aside enough time to explore — there's a lot to keep you occupied. Head 2 miles from Blanquefort and you'll find yourself in Bruges. Alternatively, Bordeaux-Lac sits 3 miles away.

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