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Where is Phetchaburi (province)?

Before you pack your bags and tear off on your next exciting adventure, let us give you some basic facts about Phetchaburi (province). This part of Thailand is home to 46,600 people. If you want to discover what wonderful things there are to do here, you could always chat to some of the locals.

Where are the best road trip destinations in Phetchaburi (province)?

You'll find the journey is half the fun when you have your own rental car. The most well-known destinations in Phetchaburi (province) are woven together by miles of open roads and highways where adventure lies in wait and your sightseeing possibilities are boundless. Your rental car's GPS will help you navigate this destination's best cities:

  • Phetchaburi
  • Kaeng Krachan
  • Ban Laem
  • Khao Yoi

How can I get a cheap car rental in Phetchaburi (province)?

Avoid spending an arm and a leg on a rental car by following our top tips:

  • A car can take you wherever you want to go — so can we. Compare the best deals from all the top companies in a couple of clicks.
  • By entering your email address into our Price Drop Alert, you'll be notified of all the unbeatable bargains for your destination;
  • Before you pick up your car keys and jump behind the wheel, check out both airport and non-airport pickup and drop-off locations to make sure you're getting your hands on the cheapest deal around;
  • If you have some elbow room in your schedule, play around with your dates to find cheaper prices on different days of the week;
  • Try to keep your pickup time and your drop-off time as similar as possible. If you return your car later than you picked it up, you could be charged a full extra day;
  • Some places reward you handsomely for paying upfront — watch out for these deals;
  • The early bird catches the biggest worm, and also the hottest deals! Book now to secure some great savings.

What is the most popular rental car category in Phetchaburi (province)?

From rolling hills to forests and valleys, Phetchaburi (province) features some epic scenery. Why not head out and drive around a handful of them? Escape the city and organize some fun day trips. An SUV is ideal for those longer drives. Built to manage all kinds of roads, these larger vehicles make it simple to detour from the beaten track.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Phetchaburi (province)?

You'll be pleased to hear that there's a huge variety of both economy and luxury vehicles to rent in Phetchaburi (province). What you end up going with will depend on what you're willing to spend and what you're hoping to do. Prestige vehicles are hard to beat if you're all about mod cons and comfort. If you're splashing out, why not pick an SUV with all the bells and whistles, or perhaps an upmarket mid-sized sedan? On the other hand, if you're just after a car to whiz around town in as efficiently as possible, maybe go for a no-frills compact vehicle (or something else that won't burn a hole in your wallet).

What do I need to know about driving in Thailand?

Buckle up and get ready to discover the very best of Phetchaburi (province) from the comfort of your own rental car. If you've never driven around this area before, you don't need to worry. We've gathered together a few handy tips to help you navigate your way around like a local:

What side of the road do they drive on in Phetchaburi (province)?

In Phetchaburi (province), motorists drive on the left side of the road. That means the driver's seat is on the right side. If you've rented a vehicle with a manual transmission, you'll need to get used to changing gears with your left hand.

Are there speed limits in Phetchaburi (province)?

Speed limits typically range from 60 km/h to 120 km/h in Phetchaburi (province) and are strictly enforced. Built-up areas usually have a maximum speed of 60 km/h, unless indicated otherwise.

What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Thailand?

In most cases, your rental car company will charge the amount of the fine to your credit card. Alternatively, the company may forward your contact details to local law enforcement agencies so they can send a fine to you directly.

Are seat belts compulsory in Thailand?

Seat belts should always be worn in Thailand. Having said that, these rules may differ for some vehicles, such as those used by public transportation networks.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Phetchaburi (province)?

As in many places, normal cell phone usage is not permitted while driving around Phetchaburi (province). There is an exception for hands-free or Bluetooth functions. Just make sure you stay focused on the road.

What are the rules around drink driving in Phetchaburi (province)?

The legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit while driving in Phetchaburi (province) is 0.05%. If you're in the mood for a big night, leave your rental wheels behind and organize another way of getting home instead.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Phetchaburi (province)?

Traffic laws in Phetchaburi (province) permit drivers at a red light to turn into the direction of traffic nearest to them without having to wait for it to turn green. Before making the maneuver, the vehicle must come to a complete stop and the driver must be certain that the way is clear before continuing on.

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