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Where is Oita?

Spur-of-the-moment travel can be thrilling, but before you rip up that map and throw away your guide book, let us fill you in on a few things about Oita. This awesome getaway destination is located in Japan. If you're looking to gain some local knowledge, you shouldn't have too many difficulties. Just pull over and chat to one of the 448,9 people who reside here.

Where are the best road trip destinations in Oita?

Getting from A to B is certainly half the fun when you hold the keys to your own rental car. The most popular destinations in Oita are linked by miles of highways where fun adventures await and your sightseeing opportunities are boundless. Do your best to include as many of this country's most famous spots on your vacation itinerary as possible:

  • Oita
  • Taketa
  • Usa
  • Hita

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