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Where is Nigeria?

There's no finer way to explore a new country than from the driver's seat of a rental car. You'll have confidence hitting the wide open road in Nigeria after learning a few basics. Just one of the countries located in Africa, Nigeria has something to offer every type of traveler. No trip here would be complete without swinging by the nation's capital, Abuja.

What are the best road trip destinations in Nigeria?

Adventure awaits around every twist and turn of this incredible region. Nigeria is one of those special places where the journey is just as exciting as each of its stunning destinations. With your own rental car, you can take as little or as long as your heart desires exploring all it has to offer. Try to squeeze in as many of this place's most famous destinations as possible:

  • Lagos (population of 9,000,000)
  • Kano (population of 3,626,100)
  • Ibadan (population of 3,565,100)
  • Port Harcourt (population of 1,148,700)

How can I get a cheap car rental in Nigeria?

Here's a rundown of our top tips and tricks to help you save more money:

  • Compare as many different bargain deals as possible (we make that task child's play!);
  • Keep checking your inbox for our Price Drop Alert. We'll keep you in the know about all the best deals cruising around your next vacation destination;
  • Include both airport and non-airport pickup and drop-off office locations to be sure you're getting the best bargain around;
  • If your vacation is somewhat flexible, change your dates to find better prices on different days of the week;
  • To avoid paying for an extra day or a late fee, try to keep your pickup and drop-off times as similar as possible;
  • Keep more cash in your back pocket. You'll get some of the thriftiest deals when you prepay your rental vehicle;
  • Don't let the deal you've been searching for slip through your fingers. Book as soon as possible and lock in your dream ride.

What is the most popular rental car category in Nigeria?

Searching for a vehicle with a slightly larger interior than a compact car and with fantastic gas mileage? Climb behind the wheel of an intermediate car. It has all the standard features of a smaller ride, but with more luggage space and enough room to fit four to five adults. Hit the streets of Lagos and Kano in comfort and style without burning a hole in your pocket. You'll also be able to park your shiny wheels like a real pro!

It's always great to head out of the city, and if you do, get ready to be richly rewarded. With sandy shores, beaches, and tablelands to discover, Nigeria knows how to do an exciting day trip. A larger vehicle like an SUV or a four-wheel drive will give you and the crew more room and comfort for those long, scenic drives.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Nigeria?

You'll be glad to hear that there's an impressive variety of both luxury and economy rental vehicles available in Nigeria. What you go with depends on how much you want to spend and the activities you've got planned. Prestige vehicles offer the best in mod cons and comfort. If you want to indulge yourself, why not go for a high-end SUV, or perhaps a flashy mid-sized sedan? Otherwise, if you just need a car to get from A to B as cheaply as possible, you're better off choosing an economy compact vehicle (or something else that won't blow your budget).

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