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What are the major attractions in Leonberg?

The wider area is known for having some top-notch snowboarding and skiing. So why not hop into a rental car, breathe in some fresh air and get close to nature?

What are the best road trip destinations near Leonberg?

There's no reason to spend all your time in Leonberg, particularly when big-name attractions are just down the road. Travelers from all around make a stop at Heidelberg Castle. You can reach it from Mauer, 4 miles away.

How can I get a cheap car rental in Leonberg?

Here's our top tips on how to hop behind the wheel of a rental car with extra cash in your pocket:

  • Use our nifty filter tool to help steer you towards the hottest car rental deals in town — then compare the prices;
  • Organize an email Price Drop Alert for your next exciting vacation destination. You never know what awesome bargains will zoom straight into your inbox;
  • Broaden your search to include both airport and non-airport pickup and drop-off outlet locations to be sure you're receiving the hottest offer in town;
  • You can sometimes save a pretty penny if your plans are flexible. Play with different days and dates and see what savings can be made;
  • Try to keep the time of your pickup and drop-off as similar as possible. If you return your car later than you picked it up, you might be charged a whole extra day;
  • Sometimes car rental outlets reward you with discounts if you pay right away, so watch out for these great deals;
  • Don't let the deal you've been searching for slip through your grasp. Book as soon as you can and zoom off with your ideal ride.

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