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Where is La Rioja?

Nothing beats dropping the windows of your rental car and tearing down long, smooth motorways. But before you embark on a big adventure in La Rioja, how about discovering a bit about this travel hot spot? Get ready to say hello to Spain, because that's where you'll need to head to get your adventure on the road.

What are the best road trip destinations in La Rioja?

Adventure is waiting for you around every corner of this incredible country. La Rioja is one of those special places where the journey is just as exciting as every one of its impressive destinations. With your own rental vehicle, you can take as long as your heart desires discovering all there is to see. Here are some of the most popular cities in this exciting place:

  • Calahorra (population of 24,8)
  • Arnedo (population of 14,5)
  • Alfaro (population of 9,6)
  • Najera (population of 7,8)

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