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Where is Cusco?

We get it. You're itching to hurl your luggage in the trunk and hurtle off to Cusco. But before you hop behind the wheel, let us give you some basic facts about the place. Roughly 312,1 people call this incredible destination in Peru their home. Why not jump out of the car and say hello to some of them? You never know, they might give you some pointers about what to do and see while you're here.

Where are the best road trip destinations in Cusco?

It's hard to look past the comfort and ease of having your own rental car. Cusco lays claim to many incredible destinations, and you deserve to check them all out at your own speed. We've assembled a list of this country's top locations to see:

  • Cusco
  • Machu Picchu
  • Chinchero
  • Urubamba

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