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Where is Cagayan Valley?

There's something to be said for floating around like a free spirit. But sometimes you have to know which way you're going. Before you turn the key in your rental car and tear down the freeway, you might want to learn a few things about Cagayan Valley. Read up on Philippines, because that's where you'll need to head to kick start your adventure.

What are the best road trip destinations in Cagayan Valley?

Being in control of when and where you travel is one of the biggest advantages of having your own rental car on vacation. Take charge of your trip around Cagayan Valley and relish the freedom of discovering its best destinations at your own pace. Try to visit as many of this place's most renowned destinations as possible:

  • Tuguegarao (population of 115,100)
  • Santiago City (population of 108,400)
  • Ilagan (population of 72,400)
  • Solana (population of 71,500)

How can I get a cheap car rental in Cagayan Valley?

Avoid spending a fortune on a rental car by following these tips:

  • Check out as many different cheap car rental companies as possible (we make that task a piece of cake!);
  • Arrange an email Price Drop Alert for your next vacation destination. You never know what great deals will whiz into your inbox;
  • Check the offers at all rental locations, including the airport and its surrounds. A quick cab drive to a nearby rental car outlet may mean some impressive savings;
  • If you're not bothered about which day of the week you get the keys to your car and your travel plans are flexible, play around with days and dates to find the best prices;
  • Nobody enjoys getting stung with a late fee. Avoid the stress of having to pay for an extra day by making sure your pickup and drop-off times are similar;
  • Keep more cash in your bank account. You'll grab some of the cheapest deals when you pay in advance for your rental vehicle;
  • Don't let the deal you've been searching for slip through your grasp. Book as soon as you can and drive away with your dream ride.

What is the most popular rental car category in Cagayan Valley?

Don't restrict your adventuring to the urban centers. Cagayan Valley features some breathtaking scenery, such as rainforests, mangroves, and extinct volcanos. A car like a convertible will help you see them in style. These vehicles are perfect for those hoping to experience the views with the top down. Who doesn't adore the sensation of the wind in their hair?

Should I get a luxury rental car in Cagayan Valley?

For some of us, owning a prestige vehicle is a little (or a lot!) out of reach. But renting the car of your dreams is far more achievable than you might think! Imagine cruising down the highway in a classy convertible, even if it's only for a day or two. Or maybe all you're chasing is a dependable set of wheels to get you from point A to point B. Affordable or flashy? Whatever you decide, one thing's for sure — there's a rental car to suit your style in Cagayan Valley.

What do I need to know about driving in Philippines?

Put your key in the ignition and get ready to uncover the best of Cagayan Valley from the comfort and convenience of your own rental car. If you've never driven here before, you don't need to worry. We've gathered together some handy tips and hints to help you navigate your way around safely and smoothly:

What side of the road do they drive on in Cagayan Valley?

In Cagayan Valley, you'll have to stick to the right side. When traveling someplace new, it's a good idea to book a car with automatic transmission. That way, you can concentrate on the road and not stress about gear changes.

Are there speed limits in Cagayan Valley?

In Cagayan Valley, the maximum speed limit outside a built-up area is usually 100 km/h. (60 km/h is the minimum.) When approaching residential areas, keep in mind that unless specified otherwise, the limit is 60 km/h.

What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Philippines?

Generally, one of two things will happen. Your chosen car rental company may bill the amount of the fine to your credit card. This is the usual approach. Alternatively, it may give your contact information to the relevant local authority so the fine is issued straight to you.

Are seat belts compulsory in Philippines?

Yes, so buckle up. However, there may be exceptions for vehicles run by public transportation networks.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Cagayan Valley?

It's illegal to use a cell phone while cruising around Cagayan Valley. You could even be issued a fine for simply holding a phone while you're in the driver's seat.

What are the rules around drink driving in Cagayan Valley?

In Cagayan Valley, it is a criminal offence to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of more than 0.05%. If you're in the mood for a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, leave the rental car at your hotel.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Cagayan Valley?

Yes you can. But before you turn, you must bring the car to a total stop and only move on if there's no approaching traffic.

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