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Where is Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is waiting for you. There's no end to the new experiences you'll be able to have once you climb behind the wheel of that rental car. To get everything you can out of your trip, here are a few basics that everyone should know. Vanuatu sits on the continent of Australia - New Zealand and the South Pacific, a stretch of land that is always ready to exhilarate and impress. Its capital is Port Vila. Home to some of the country's most popular sights, it's the perfect introduction to what this place is all about.

What are the best road trip destinations in Vanuatu?

Adventure is waiting for you around every corner of this glorious region. Vanuatu is one of those places where the journey is just as thrilling as each of its beautiful destinations. With your own rental car, you can spend as long or as little as your heart desires exploring every one of its hidden treasures. Try to visit as many of this place's most outstanding destinations as you can:

  • Luganville (population of 13,400)
  • Norsup (population of 3,000)
  • Sola (population of 1,150)
  • Lakatoro (population of 710)

How can I get a cheap car rental in Vanuatu?

Avoid paying a fortune for a rental car by following our top tips and tricks:

  • Use our convenient filter tool to steer you towards the hottest car rental deals around — and then compare the prices;
  • Keep your eyes on your inbox for our fantastic Price Drop Alert. We'll keep you in the loop about all the great deals cruising around your next vacation destination;
  • Research is the key to scoring the cheapest rentals deals in town, so be sure to look into both airport and non-airport pickup and drop-off outlets before you pay for your ride;
  • If you're not fussed about which day of the week you pick up the keys to your car and you've got a bit of flexibility with your travel plans, have a browse around to see which days and dates give you the deal you want;
  • See if you can keep the time of your pickup and drop-off the same. If you bring back your car at a later time than you picked it up, you might be required to pay for a full extra day;
  • Some car rental outlets offer discounts if you pay as soon as you book, so make sure you keep your eyes open for these kinds of offers;
  • It's best to make a reservation as soon as your vacation dates are set. The early bird catches the worm!

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