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Where is Plattling?

Feel like climbing into a rental car and hitting the open road without any plans? No matter how laid back you are with planning your schedule, there are some pieces of info that you shouldn't hurry off without. Let us share with you a bit about Plattling.

From the main streets of Lower Bavaria, Plattling lies 5 miles to the west.

What are the major attractions in Plattling?

Dig out your guidebook and find out a thing or two about Ludwigplatz and Church of St. James. They're only a quick drive away if you're keen to discover your surrounds.

What are the best road trip destinations near Plattling?

Journey out of Plattling for the day and discover something new. Deggendorf is well-loved among travelers. Drop by and find out what's happening. Located just 5 miles away, it's the perfect way to spend some time.

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