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What are the major attractions in Cobram?

If your trip to Cobram is all locked in but your itinerary is looking a little empty, we can give you a few hints and tips.

Cobram Barooga Golf Course draws plenty of travelers like yourself. If you still have room on your schedule, try to squeeze in Barooga Botanical Gardens as well.

What are the best road trip destinations near Cobram?

If you find yourself with a little spare time and you don't mind traveling 34 miles, take a look at Shepparton. This popular place boasts plenty of things to see and do. Among the first stops you make here should be Victoria Lake Park, Shepparton Golf Club and Ardmona Kidstown Adventure Playground. Situated 43 miles away, Wahgunyah is another place to aim for. If you drop by, don't miss Corowa Golf Club, All Saints Estate & Winery and Rutherglen Golf Club.

How can I get a cheap car rental in Cobram?

Here are our recommendations on how to hop behind the wheel of a rental car with extra cash in your pocket:

  • Use our handy filter tool to help point you in the direction of the hottest car rental deals around — and then compare the prices;
  • Set an email Price Drop Alert for your next vacation destination. You never know what terrific deals will make a detour to your inbox;
  • Peruse the deals at all rental locations, including the airport terminal and surrounding area. A short cab ride to a nearby car rental facility could mean some impressive savings;
  • If you have some wiggle room in your schedule, play around with your dates to find cheaper prices on different days of the week;
  • Pickup and drop-off times typically need to be around the same time (e.g, both 9 a.m.) or you could be required to pay for an entire extra day;
  • Sometimes car rental outlets offer big incentives to pay right away, so be sure to watch out for these penny-pinching offers;
  • Finally, lock in your preferred vehicle as soon as possible to score yourself the biggest savings!

What kind of rental car should I get for Cobram?

No matter your motoring requirements in Cobram, will take you from A to B comfortably and efficiently. If you're in the city for work reasons, a premium car may suit you down to the ground. These sorts of vehicles boast high-quality finishes, elegant interiors, and a whole host of extras. Traveling on a tight budget and eager to save a few dollars? A compact car or a mini may be the way to go. These smaller rides are cheaper to run and awesome when it comes to getting around those busier city streets. If you've got the young ones and loads of luggage in tow, a full-size SUV will give you all the space and room you need.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Cobram?

You'll be happy to hear that there's a broad range of both luxury and economy rental vehicles available in Cobram. What you go for depends on what you're willing to spend and the activities you've got planned. Specialty and prestige vehicles often spare no expense when it comes to mod cons and comfort. If you want to treat yourself, why not grab an elite SUV, or perhaps a stylish medium-sized sedan? Otherwise, if you just need a car to get you from A to B as economically as possible, stick with an economy compact vehicle (or something else that won't burn a hole in your wallet).

There's quite a bit more to hitting the road in Cobram than just settling into the driver's seat and firing up the engine. Get the scoop on the main traffic laws here:

What side of the road do they drive on in Cobram?

The left side of the road is where you'll be cruising along in Cobram. Also take note that the controls of your rental car here, such as the steering wheel and stick shift (if your car has manual transmission), will be on the other side of what you're used to.

Is it difficult to park in Cobram?

You'll find plenty of places to leave your car in Cobram. Even in the busiest areas, there's usually a space just where you need it.

Does Cobram have peak-hour traffic?

One terrific thing about hitting the road in a smaller city is lighter traffic, so you don't have to worry a whole lot about rush-hour gridlock. With a population of only 5,800, you can expect a smooth Cobram driving experience.

Are there speed limits in Cobram?

There are. In Cobram, speed limits range from 40 km/h to 110 km/h. Most built-up areas have a default speed limit of 50 km/h unless signed otherwise.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Cobram?

It is prohibited to use your cell phone while cruising in your car around Cobram, and you may also be charged a fine for simply handling a phone if you're in control of a vehicle. That being said, using hands-free or Bluetooth functions is permitted, as long as you stay focused on the road.

What are the rules around drink driving in Cobram?

The legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit when operating a vehicle in Cobram is 0.05%. If you're planning on partying, leave your rental wheels behind and organize another way of getting home instead.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Cobram?

It's a big no-no to turn at a red light in Cobram. When you come across one, take the opportunity to enjoy a couple of mindful moments until the light changes to green.

Are seat belts compulsory in Moira Shire?

You bet. Although, there are a couple of exceptions for certain vehicles used by public transportation systems.