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What are the major attractions in Hoi An?

If your trip to Hoi An is all locked in but your travel itinerary is a little on the empty side, let us give you a few hints and tips.

Think of Hoi An and then say the first thing that pops into your brain. Bet you said "Hoi An Ancient Town," right? Being such a well-known attraction, you just can't miss it. Hurl your suitcases into the trunk and check it off your bucket list.

If your family and friends ask why you're heading here, just show them a few images of Quan Cong Temple and Tan Ky House. These fabulous attractions will guarantee you have an awesome trip.

Plan a stop at An Bang Beach. It's one attraction you'll usually find on travelers' must-do lists. If you still have space on your schedule, Cua Dai Beach and Hoi An Night Market will keep you busy as well.

What are the best road trip destinations near Hoi An?

If you're trying to find things to do around Hoi An, you certainly won't be let down! Tam Ky, just 22 miles away, has some fantastic attractions that'll keep you busy. Want an excuse to check it out? Tam Thanh Mural Village and Vietnams Heroic Mother Statue ought to be enough reason. If you need any more persuading, also consider Square 24-3.

Where are the best beaches near Hoi An?

Fill up the tank, put your key in the ignition and get ready to feel the sea air on your skin. Hoi An boasts some gorgeous stretches of coastline, such as:

  • An Bang Beach (2 miles away).
  • Cua Dai Beach (2 miles away).
  • Ha My Beach (4 miles away).

How can I get a cheap car rental in Hoi An?

Here are our suggestions on how to hit the road with extra cash in your pocket:

  • Our handy filter tool will soon be your new BFF. Sift through the hottest deals from all of the top rental car companies with just a few clicks;
  • Take advantage of our Price Drop Alert email and be in the know when prices become cheaper for your location;
  • Search for both airport and non-airport pickup outlet locations to be sure you're receiving the best possible bargain around;
  • You can often save a few dollars if your vacation plans are flexible. Look into different days and dates and find out how much you can save;
  • Pickup and drop-off times often need to be similar (e.g, both 10 a.m.) or you may be asked to pay for an entire extra day;
  • Keep more hard-earned dollars in your bank account. You'll get some of the cheapest deals when you pay in advance for your rental vehicle;
  • Don't let the deal you want slip through your grasp. Book as soon as possible and drive away with your ideal set of wheels.

What kind of rental car should I get for Hoi An?

Whatever your motoring requirements in Hoi An, CarRentals.com will take you from A to B quickly and comfortably. If you're visiting for work, a premium car is a great fit. These types of vehicles come with high-quality finishes, sleek interiors, and a whole host of extras. Traveling on a limited budget and in the mood to save a few dollars? A compact car or a mini may be an ideal choice. These smaller rides are cheaper to run and perfect for getting about traffic and busy streets. If you've got the youngsters (and a lot of luggage) in tow, a full-size car will give you all the room and space you need.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Hoi An?

You'll be happy to hear that there's a broad range of luxurious vehicles to rent in Hoi An. What you end up opting for depends on how much you're willing to spend and what you're planning to do. Prestige vehicles are hard to beat if you're all about mod cons and comfort. If you're splashing out, why not pick up an elite SUV, or perhaps a stylish mid-sized vehicle? Alternatively, if you're just after a car to zip around town in at the cheapest price possible, maybe go for a versatile compact vehicle (or something else that won't blow your budget).

What do I need to know about driving in Quang Nam (province)?

When driving somewhere you've never been before, you should have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations. Here's what you'll need to know to hop behind the wheel in Hoi An with confidence:

What side of the road do they drive on in Hoi An?

You'll need to keep right when driving in Hoi An. On top of that, take a little extra care if it's your first time in the driver's seat here. Once you're used to how the locals drive, you can relax and start enjoying the scenery!

Is it difficult to park in Hoi An?

It can be. Cruising around the block looking for a place to park isn't unusual in Hoi An. Getting near popular attractions is easier if you research your options ahead of time.

Does Hoi An have peak-hour traffic?

As with most places, the roads are usually busier in the rush hours before and after work. However, thanks to its smaller population of roughly 32,800, traffic isn't a big problem in Hoi An.

Are there speed limits in Hoi An?

There are. In Hoi An, speed limits range from 60 km/h to 90 km/h. Residential areas have a maximum speed limit of 40 km/h unless marked otherwise.

What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Quang Nam (province)?

Normally, one of two things will happen. Your car rental company may charge the amount stated on the fine to your credit card. This is the more common practice. On the other hand, it may provide your contact information to the relevant local authority so the fine is sent directly to you.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Hoi An?

It's against the law to use your cell phone while driving around Hoi An, and you may also be charged a fine for simply handling your phone when you're in control of a vehicle. That being said, the use of hands-free or Bluetooth functions is allowed, as long as you keep your attention on the road.

What are the rules around drink driving in Hoi An?

The legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit while driving in Hoi An is 0.05%. If you're planning a big night out, leave your wheels behind and organize some other way of getting home instead.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Hoi An?

Yes you can. However, before you turn you are required to bring the car to a total stop and only continue if the lane is clear.

Are seat belts compulsory in Quang Nam (province)?

We always recommend buckling up, even though seat belts aren't compulsory in Quang Nam (province). Wearing a seat belt is one of the most reliable ways to save lives and reduce injuries in a crash.

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