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Frequently asked questions

What are the major attractions in Tuggerah?
If your trip to Tuggerah is all locked in but your travel itinerary is looking a little empty, let us give you a few hints and tips.Pick up your guidebook and read up on Westfield Tuggerah and Kooindah Waters Golf Club. They’re only a quick car ride away if you want to explore your surrounds.
What are the best road trip destinations near Tuggerah?
If you’ve seen everything in Tuggerah, make your way to Narara. This neighborhood has a ton of surprises up its sleeve. Just 8 miles away, it won’t take long to get there.
Where are the best beaches near Tuggerah?
There’s nothing like opening the car window and feeling the cool, salty air on your face while you’re cruising beside the sea. Bring along some snacks and spend a few hours relaxing at one of the lovely beaches near Tuggerah. Picturesque options include:

  • Toowoon Bay Beach (6 miles away).
  • Magenta Shores Beach (6 miles away).
  • Soldiers Beach (8 miles away).

Where are the best convention centers near Tuggerah?
If you’re traveling here for business-related purposes, you’ll likely be making your way to Ettalong Diggers Club. It’s situated 15 miles away.
What kind of rental car should I get for Tuggerah?
City or highway driving? If you picked the former for your upcoming vacation in Tuggerah, we’d suggest a cost-effective vehicle such as a compact, economy, or hybrid. They’re easy on the bank account and a dream when it comes to maneuvering in and out of traffic. If you opted for the latter, a full-size SUV will be a better fit. This larger vehicle has plenty of space to store all the essentials you need to discover the lesser-known gems of Chittaway Point. Whatever you go for, you’ll find a collection of excellent vehicles on
Should I get a luxury rental car in Tuggerah?
You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to renting a car in Tuggerah. From swish SUVs with loads of space for luggage to zippy compacts that make parking a cinch, you’ll find it all here. Choosing your ride depends on how much you’d like to spend and what you intend to do. There are some road trips that are just begging you to splurge on your dream ride, whereas others don’t need more than four wheels and a gas pedal. The choice is yours.
What side of the road do they drive on in Tuggerah?
Drivers stay on the left-hand side of the road in Tuggerah. If you’re planning to discover this destination on wheels, be aware that the steering wheel will be on the right. It could take a little while to get the hang of!
What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Central Coast Council?
Generally, your car rental company will bill the fined amount to your credit card, including local taxes. Alternatively, they may supply your information to the relevant local authority, who’ll then send a fine straight to you.
Are seat belts compulsory in Central Coast Council?
Seat belts are required in Central Coast Council. That being said, these rules may differ for some vehicles, like those used by public transportation networks.
Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Tuggerah?
It’s against the law to use your cell phone while you’re behind the wheel in Tuggerah, and you may even be charged a fine for simply holding a phone if you’re in control of a vehicle. That being said, the use of hands-free or Bluetooth functions is permitted, as long as your eyes remain on the road.
What are the rules around drink driving in Tuggerah?
In Tuggerah, it is against the law to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) over 0.05%. If you’re thinking of having a few drinks over dinner, leave your car at your hotel.
Is turning on a red light allowed in Tuggerah?
It’s prohibited to turn on a red light in Tuggerah. When you encounter one, take the opportunity to enjoy a couple of mindful moments until the signal switches back to green.

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