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Frequently asked questions

What are the major attractions in Tepoztlan?
If your trip to Tepoztlan is all organized but your itinerary is a little on the empty side, we can give you a few hints and tips.You’ll find a range of attractions within walking distance of this neighborhood’s center, such as Tepozteco Pyramid. El Tepozteco National Park and Pyramid and Artisan Market of Tepoztlan are two other nearby attractions that lure a great many travelers like yourself.
What are the best road trip destinations near Tepoztlan?
San Miguel and Santo Domingo are two great places you might like to go and see. You’ll discover San Miguel 0.2 miles away. If you’re planning to visit Santo Domingo, it’s 0.6 miles away. Both have a great variety of accommodations if you can’t wait to get into a comfy bed after a long day of sightseeing.
What kind of rental car should I get for Tepoztlan?
Bright city lights, long road trips, or off-the-beaten-track adventures? However you choose to spend your time in Ixcatepec, there’s a perfect rental car waiting for you at CarRentals.com. Those eager to check off a lengthy list of attractions and experiences should book a full-size SUV. Prefer to stick around the city? Climb into a compact or an economy. After traveling 2 miles from Tepoztlan to the heart of the city, navigating around traffic and getting into tight parking spots will be a breeze with these nifty vehicles.
Should I get a luxury rental car in Tepoztlan?
Sometimes it’s all about the journey, which makes finding the right car important. If you’re planning an epic road trip around Tepoztlan, a roomy SUV could be your perfect match. If you’re hoping for the best possible price and plan on doing a lot of city driving, a versatile compact is a wise pick. All you need to do is decide what’ll suit you best, round up the troops, and clock up those miles.
What side of the road do they drive on in Tepoztlan?
You’ll need to keep to the right while driving in Tepoztlan. On top of that, exercise some extra caution if it’s your first time in the driver’s seat here. Once you have a feel for the roads, you can relax and enjoy the new scenery!
What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Morelos?
Usually, your rental car company will bill the fined amount to your credit card. Alternatively, the company may provide your contact details to local authorities so they can send a fine straight to you.
Are seat belts compulsory in Morelos?
Although there are a small number of exceptions, seat belts are compulsory in Morelos.
Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Tepoztlan?
Provided you have hands-free functions like Bluetooth enabled, you are allowed to use your cell phone while cruising around Tepoztlan. But make sure you keep your eyes on the road.
What are the rules around drink driving in Tepoztlan?
In Tepoztlan, it is a fineable offence to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) higher than 0.08%. If you’re planning to have a few drinks, it’s a good idea to leave the car behind.
Is turning on a red light allowed in Tepoztlan?
Turning on a red light isn’t permitted in Tepoztlan. Be on the lookout for traffic signs and lights to ensure you don’t breach any traffic laws.

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