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102 Gulf Fwy

Average pickup time: 0-10 minutes.
6.9 out of 10 (7 Reviews)
8.3 /10
Friendliness 83%
8 /10
Cleanliness 80%
Pickup time
9.7 /10
Pickup time 97%
Overall value
8 /10
Overall value 80%
4 out of 5
DAVIDReviewed on Nov 24, 2018, 5:27 PM
They did not have a compact car as I requested so I was upgraded at the same rate.
2 out of 5
adam234Reviewed on Nov 23, 2018, 12:12 PM
I got there no cars for anyone had to wait almost 2 hours they had to go track down a car at another location even though that I had reservation. Did work out in the end I got a bigger vehicle for the same price

What are the major attractions in Midtown Sacramento?

If your trip to Midtown Sacramento is all booked but your itinerary is a bit on the empty side, let us give you a helping hand.

You'll find a range of attractions within walking distance of the center of this neighborhood, such as Sacramento Capitol Park. More adventure is waiting for you at Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and Cesar Chavez Park, which are also close at hand.

What are the best road trip destinations near Midtown Sacramento?

Make your way over to Downtown Sacramento, a great close-by area. You'll discover lots of things to do here. Downtown Sacramento can be found about 1 mile from Midtown Sacramento.

Where are the best convention centers near Midtown Sacramento?

If you have some serious work-related business to attend to in Midtown Sacramento, there's a high chance you'll be spending a lot of time in convention centers. If that's the case, you might like to hear about the ones that have hotels and cafés nearby:

  • Sacramento Convention Center (1 mile away).
  • Community Center Theater (1 mile away).
  • McClellan Conference Center (8 miles away).

What kind of rental car should I get for Midtown Sacramento?

Parking and narrow city streets should be kept in mind when choosing a suitable ride. While premium cars and SUVs are very comfortable and offer lots of legroom, they can prove challenging to maneuver and park. Given that Midtown Sacramento is just 1 mile from Sacramento, there's a good possibility you'll be cruising the downtown streets. Our advice? Go for a car that's got enough room for your entire group and your belongings but still compact enough to handle city driving. Our standard-size vehicles are great all-rounders and should fit the bill.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Midtown Sacramento?

First of all, there's a huge range of both economy and high-end rental vehicles available in Midtown Sacramento. What you end up going for depends on how much you're willing to spend and what you're planning to do. Specialty vehicles offer unparalleled comfort and class. If you're splurging, why not go for an SUV with all the bells and whistles, or perhaps a cushy medium-sized sedan? Alternatively, if you just need something to whiz around town in as economically as possible, stick with a no-frills compact vehicle (or something else that won't burn a hole in your wallet).

What do I need to know about driving in Sacramento?

Before you put together your road trip playlist, there's one more list you should be familiar with before hitting the road in your rental car. Check out these traffic rules for Midtown Sacramento and beyond:

What side of the road do they drive on in Midtown Sacramento?

You'll need to keep right while driving in Midtown Sacramento. Also, exercise a little extra caution if it's your first time in the driver's seat here. Once you have a feel for the roads, you can relax and enjoy the new scenery!

Does Midtown Sacramento have peak-hour traffic?

One of the best things about visiting a smaller city like Sacramento is less traffic — and you won't find much of it in the neighborhood of Midtown Sacramento. However, you may still experience busier road conditions as people drive to and from work.

Is it difficult to park in Midtown Sacramento?

It can be challenging to get a parking space in Midtown Sacramento. Once you nab one, be sure to read the signage carefully. Overstaying the permitted time limit or leaving the car where you're not supposed to can leave a big hole in your vacation budget.

Are there speed limits in Midtown Sacramento?

The speed limits in the neighborhood of Midtown Sacramento are like the rest of Sacramento, ranging from 15 mi/h to 70 mi/h. For the safety of all road users, a maximum speed limit of 25 mi/h applies to most residential areas.

What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Sacramento?

Normally, one of two things will happen. Your rental company may bill the fined amount to your credit card. This is the more common practice. On the other hand, it may give your contact details to the relevant local agency so the fine is issued straight to you.

Are seat belts compulsory in Sacramento?

Yes, so buckle up. Although, there are a few exceptions for vehicles run by public transportation systems.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Midtown Sacramento?

As long as you have hands-free or Bluetooth functions enabled, it's legal to use your phone while driving a car in Midtown Sacramento. Just make sure you stay focused on the road.

What are the rules around drink driving in Midtown Sacramento?

In Midtown Sacramento, it's an offence to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) greater than 0.08%. If you're in the mood for a drink or two with lunch or dinner, it's a good idea to leave your rental car at your hotel.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Midtown Sacramento?

Yes, you can turn on a red light in Midtown Sacramento. However, first you must bring the car to a complete stop. Continue only when your way is clear.