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Where is Winchester?

So you want to know more about Winchester? Let us give you a few details before you pick up the keys to your rental car.

Winchester is a neighborhood in the captivating city of Lexington. You'll find it located 20 miles to the east of the downtown area.

Lexington has a population of around 230,000. So, if you're planning on heading off on a road trip while you're in Winchester, you're sure to run into some interesting new people.

What are the major attractions in Winchester?

The wider region is known for some top-notch rock climbing and hiking. Why don't you hop into a car, breathe in some clean, fresh air and spend some time in nature?

What are the best road trip destinations near Winchester?

Seen all there is to see in Winchester? Looks like it's time to get going to Mount Sterling. This neighborhood has a ton of things to keep you on your feet. Located just 13 miles away, it's an ideal way to spend some time.

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