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Where is Monroe?

We get it, there's so much to learn about Monroe. Feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities? Before you drive off in your rental car, let's start off with some of the basics.

Monroe is a neighborhood in Everett. To reach it, head 14 miles southeast of downtown.

Hurl your bags in the backseat, fill up the tank and get ready to cruise out of Monroe. With a population of 100,000, there are plenty of interesting characters for you to meet in Everett.

What are the major attractions in Monroe?

Dig out your guidebook and find out a thing or two about the Evergreen State Fairgrounds and the Washington Serpentarium. They're only a brief drive away if you're eager to get out and discover your surrounds.

What are the best road trip destinations near Monroe?

When it's time to get out and explore the surrounding area, Snohomish will be waiting for you. Go for a stroll and see what you come across! Give yourself enough time to have a look. It lies 6 miles away.

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