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Where is Monaca?

Feel like hopping into your rental car and hitting the open road without a plan? No matter how relaxed you are when organizing your itinerary, there's some basic info that you shouldn't set off without. Let us share with you a little about Monaca.

Monaca is a neighborhood in the happening city of Pittsburgh. You can find it just 20 miles to the northwest of the heart of the downtown area.

Throw your bags in the backseat, step on the accelerator and get ready to head out of Monaca. With a population of 310,000, there are loads of fascinating people for you to meet in Pittsburgh.

What are the major attractions in Monaca?

The wider Pittsburgh region is known for having some outstanding cross-country skiing and snow shoeing. Why not hop into a rental car, breathe in some fresh air and spend some time in nature?

What are the best road trip destinations near Monaca?

Monaca is awesome, but you can't spend all your time there! Get out and explore the surrounding area. Beaver is a fantastic place to start. It's located 4 miles away.

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