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What are the major attractions in Comuna 13?

If your trip to Comuna 13 is all organized but your travel itinerary is a bit on the empty side, we can give you a few hints and tips.

You might need to ask the boss for a couple more days off, because Comuna 13 is brimming over with unmissable sights and landmarks. First to be checked off your list should be Estadio Monumental and University of Buenos Aires. You won't want to miss Teatro Colon and Obelisco either.

Discover the best that this place has to offer by adding Palace of the Argentine National Congress and Plaza San Martin to your travel schedule. If you have an extra day handy, drop by Torre de los Ingleses and Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral as well.

Stop by Japanese Garden. It's one attraction you'll usually find on travelers' must-do lists. Tierra Santa and Plaza Italia are also a stone's throw away and worth a detour.

What are the best road trip destinations near Comuna 13?

If you're searching for a day-trip destination, we've got some suggestions. Situated 31 miles away, Tercera Sección is worth hopping in the car for. Museo Histórico Prefectura Naval Argentina, Parque de la Costa and Museo de la Reconquista alone make the drive out here worthwhile. Don't miss La Plata either! Just 37 miles away, Cathedral of La Plata, Pasaje Dardo Rocha and Catedral de la Plata are essential stops here.

Where are the best convention centers near Comuna 13?

If you're eager to do some serious networking in the convention centers of Comuna 13, it'd be wise to secure a rental car. That way, you can go for a spin, check out some nearby attractions and be sure that you'll get to your event on time. You'll most likely be heading to one of these places:

  • La Rural Convention Center (2 miles away).
  • La Rural (2 miles away).

How can I get a cheap car rental in Comuna 13?

Here's a round-up of our top tips to score the best deal on a car rental:

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What kind of rental car should I get for Comuna 13?

Rent some wheels and explore Comuna 13 your way. Want to venture out into some nature? Go with an SUV. This vehicle is perfect for those after adventure in the great outdoors. Just want to get easily from A to B and traveling with minimal luggage? If you're not planning on driving very far, a fuel-efficient mini is a great option.

Should I get a luxury rental car in Comuna 13?

For some people, owning a prestige vehicle is the stuff of fairy tales. But renting your dream ride is well within your grasp! Imagine rolling into town in a classy convertible, even if it's just for a short while. Or maybe all you need is a reliable set of wheels to bring you from point A to point B. Affordable or flashy? Whatever you're looking for, there's a rental car to suit your style in Comuna 13.

What do I need to know about driving in Buenos Aires?

Before you pick up your rental car in Comuna 13, you'll need to brush up on the local traffic rules and regulations. From speed limits to parking restrictions, here's what you'll want to know:

What side of the road do they drive on in Comuna 13?

People drive on the right-hand side of the road in Comuna 13. Even though the rules may be similar to home, it's always smart to drive more cautiously on roads you're not familiar with.

Is it difficult to park in Comuna 13?

It's relatively easy to find somewhere to park in Comuna 13, although it can be challenging to secure a spot in the busier streets. Staying at a hotel that has on-site parking is always a good idea.

Are there speed limits in Comuna 13?

Yes. In Comuna 13, speed limits range from 40 km/h to 120 km/h. Residential zones have a default speed limit of 40 km/h unless posted otherwise.

What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Buenos Aires?

One of two things will happen. Your car rental company may charge the amount of the fine to your credit card. This is the usual approach. Otherwise, it may give your contact details to the relevant local agency so the fine is sent straight to you.

Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Comuna 13?

As long as you have Bluetooth or similar functions enabled, you are allowed to use your cell phone while behind the wheel in Comuna 13. But make sure you remain focused on the road.

What are the rules around drink driving in Comuna 13?

In Comuna 13, it's illegal to operate a vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) higher than 0.05%. If you're thinking of having a few drinks with lunch or dinner, it'd be wise to leave the rental car behind.

Is turning on a red light allowed in Comuna 13?

It's illegal to turn on a red light in Comuna 13. If you come across one, enjoy a mindful moment or two until the light changes to green.

Are seat belts compulsory in Buenos Aires?

Seat belts must be worn in Buenos Aires. However, these rules may vary for certain vehicles, such as those used by public transportation networks.