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Do you want a set of wheels to explore Osage, United States of America? You're in luck. CarRentals.com will help you find a perfect rental car, no matter your plans or budget.

Since you won't find any rental outlets close to Mason City Municipal Airport, you'll need to look for another way to travel the 30 miles into town.

Get away and explore Charles City. This day trip destination is home to some fabulous sights and is 17 miles from Osage. The Carrie Chapman Catt Girlhood Home and Museum and Comet Bowl are some attractions you shouldn't miss, along with the Mooney Art Collection. Austin is one more major day trip location just 25 miles away. Upon arriving, many visitors stop by Jay C. Hormel Nature Center and Decker Park. Another favorite site is Neveln Park.

A blue sky marks the moment to escape from the city and cruise around the rural landscapes of the Iowa countryside.

Road trip anyone? Guttenberg is 95 miles from Osage, and it's definitely worth the time. On the other hand, you could head out on the highway to Nevada, 95 miles away.

With so many exciting attractions to visit around this region, you'll be happy to have a set of car keys jangling in your pocket!