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What are the major attractions in Al Aaroui?

Trek out into the wider area and reconnect with nature with a few pastimes like skiing. If you're after more, don't miss the chance to go mountain biking as well.

Where are the best beaches near Al Aaroui?

Beaches are great places to launch a kite. If it's breezy, why not buckle the kids into the car and go on an excursion to Playa de la Hipica? It's 19 miles from Al Aaroui and is a lovely place for some fun and games.

How can I get a cheap car rental in Al Aaroui?

Here are our suggestions on how to jump behind the wheel of a rental car with some extra cash in your pocket:

  • Use our convenient filter feature to help point you towards the hottest car deals around — and then compare the prices;
  • Organize an email Price Drop Alert for your next exciting vacation destination. You never know what terrific deals will drive straight into your inbox;
  • Look at the offers at all rental locations, including the airport and its surrounds. A brief cab ride to a neighboring rental car outlet might result in some generous savings;
  • If you've got a bit of wriggle room timing-wise, modify your dates to find better prices on different days of the week;
  • See if you can keep your pickup time and your drop-off time as similar as possible. If you bring back your car at a later time than you picked it up, you might have to pay for an extra day unnecessarily;
  • Some rental companies offer discounts if you pay right away, so keep your eyes open for these great offers;
  • It's best to make a reservation as soon as your dates are finalized. You'll have the largest range to choose from the earlier you book.