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2300 Rental Car Center Parkway

Average pickup time: 0-10 minutes.
7.7 out of 10 (29 Reviews)
9.4 /10
Friendliness 94%
9 /10
Cleanliness 90%
Pickup time
9.2 /10
Pickup time 92%
Overall value
7.2 /10
Overall value 72%
5 out of 5
MelissaReviewed on Oct 26, 2020, 4:21 PM
They gave me a beautiful orange hellcat dodge charger which was the highlight of my weekend
3 out of 5
TylerReviewed on May 6, 2020, 4:57 PM
Everything went well. Only had one issue which was i found a used glove, face mask and balled up tissue in the trunk. Concerning today’s environment I was hoping it would be cleaned well. Also found a black n mild cigar in the passengers door.
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101 Airport Rd

Average pickup time: 11-20 minutes.
9.6 out of 10 (67 Reviews)
9.3 /10
Friendliness 93%
8.9 /10
Cleanliness 89%
Pickup time
9.8 /10
Pickup time 98%
Overall value
8.7 /10
Overall value 87%
5 out of 5
Ed from VirginiaReviewed on Mar 10, 2020, 2:55 AM
From the moment I picked out the car I rented from an array of options available to me, to the moment I dropped it off and walked away, my experience was completely satisfying and enjoyable. The service was outstanding, the staff was friendly, and the car was in perfect condition. Thanks to Alamo, my vacation was significantly enhanced by being able to tool around in a beautiful convertible.
5 out of 5
GaryReviewed on Feb 14, 2020, 4:54 PM
Most important to me was the courteous staff both when picking up the vehicle and returning it.
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141 North Beverwyck Road

Average pickup time: 0-10 minutes.
6.6 out of 10 (7 Reviews)
10 /10
Friendliness 100%
6.9 /10
Cleanliness 69%
Pickup time
8.9 /10
Pickup time 89%
Overall value
7.1 /10
Overall value 71%
5 out of 5
CindyReviewed on Oct 12, 2020, 6:15 PM
Customer service was excellent. Check in went smoothly and quickly. The man working with me at check in was very friendly and helpful. There were no hidden fees. I got exactly what I needed. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. Check out was very fast.
5 out of 5
BobbyJayDeeReviewed on Dec 23, 2019, 4:24 PM
Quick rental, just one day. I had to do 370 miles in one day!:) Van was 8 years old but in very good condition, give us no problem what so ever. I would definitely rent again.
4 out of 5
HenryReviewed on Apr 15, 2019, 7:43 PM
Great customer service, from the confirmation call through the pick up.

Convertible Rental Cars: all you need to know

Rent a convertible on your next jaunt out of town, and make the most out of your vacation. Experience true exhilaration by driving around your destination with the top down and the wind in your hair. Make this vacation a memorable one, and be the envy of everyone you pass in your shiny set of wheels.

How much does it cost to rent a convertible rental car?

Secure the vehicle that’s best for you and your budget by locking in our cheap deals and discounts. If you take our advice below, you’ll soon find a great rate on a rental:

  • Compare various quotes and vehicles to see which best fits your budget needs;
  • Book early;
  • Know what you need from the rental in terms of mileage and fuel.

What kind of car is a convertible?

Whether you’re in a scenic mountain town, an artsy urban city, or cruising in a quaint beach community, you’ll love the sense of freedom you experience on the open road. Some of the vehicles that could be available for you to rent include:

  • VW Beetle Convertible
  • Chevy Camaro
  • Mercedes-Benz E-class or similar vehicles

Bear in mind, you can only book a category not a specfic car, though.

How old do I have to be to rent a convertible car rental?

You’ll usually need to be between the ages of 25 and 65. This could depend on company and car type, though. A young-driver surcharge may apply for drivers under or over the age restriction.

Do I need insurance for renting a convertible car?

Yes, you do. Outside the U.S., if the rental policy does not include insurance already, then the rental company will need to see your proof of coverage. If you’re a U.S. Citizen, you can purchase insurance at the checkout or from the rental company direct.

In the U.S., your own car insurance or credit card insurance may cover you. When renting a vehicle in some countries, like Mexico, you will need to buy additional local insurance.

What do I need to bring when picking up my convertible car?

Three things: your driver’s license, your proof of insurance, and your credit card. Additional proof of ID may also be requested by the rental company, so make sure you check their small print before you show up to collect your vehicle.

Is it possible to rent a convertible car one-way?

You can usually collect and return your vehicle at different rental locations, if necessary. Restrictions and additional fees may apply. Contact the rental company to find out the cost and feasibility of a one-way rental.

What fuel policy is available for a convertible rental car?

Most often, vehicles come with a full-to-full fuel policy. You guessed it, this means that you’ll pick up your car with a full tank of gas and will just need to return it full, too. Don’t forget to fill up on your way to returning the car, to avoid a penalty charge.

Should I get unlimited miles with a convertible car?

Unlimited mileage is very often included in quoted rates, but local renters may have restrictions on mileage policies, so do check with the supplier.

When I rent a convertible vehicle can I use a debit card?

No, debit cards are not widely accepted by rental car companies. A credit card will be required, and note also that you will not be able to pay using cash, pre-paid cards, or gift cards.

Click through our wide selection of convertible rental cars today here on Want to know more? Check out our general car rental FAQs .