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Frequently asked questions

What are the major attractions in Maipu?
If your trip to Maipu is all locked in but your travel itinerary is a little on the empty side, let us give you a helping hand.There’s nothing like a bit of insider knowledge when it comes to attractions and sights. Book your rental car with, ask the locals what’s good and then step on the gas!
What are the best road trip destinations near Maipu?
Head out of Maipu and discover something new. Barrio Italia is popular with travelers, so drop by and soak up its unique vibe. It’s just 11 miles away, so you barely have an excuse to skip it!
Where are the best convention centers near Maipu?
If you plan to do some serious business networking in the convention centers of Maipu, it’d be wise to get some wheels. That way, you’ll be able to go for a spin, check out the surrounding area and be sure that you’ll make it to your event on time. You’ll most likely be heading to one of these buildings:

  • Espacio Riesco Convention and Exhibition Center (14 miles away).
  • CasaPiedra Event and Conference Center (15 miles away).

What kind of rental car should I get for Maipu?
Sure, you can get out and explore Maipu without a car. But with so much to see and do, having one is sure to make your trip all the more exciting. If you’re hoping to venture out into the great outdoors, choose something with a bit of extra power. A full-size car or an SUV could be just the ticket. A smaller car, like a mini or a compact, is an excellent choice for travelers heading off on shorter trips.
Should I get a luxury rental car in Maipu?
For some of us, owning a luxury vehicle may be a little out of reach. But renting your dream ride is far easier than you think! Picture yourself cruising into town in a classy sports car, even if it’s just for a short while. Or perhaps all you want is a trusty set of wheels to get you from A to B. Flashy or affordable? Either way, there’s a rental car to suit your style in Maipu.
Does Maipu have peak-hour traffic?
Since Maipu is a neighborhood within the bustling city of Santiago, expect a lot of traffic during the usual peak times. Before and after work hours is when traffic slows to a crawl, so you may want to avoid driving during these times.
Is it difficult to park in Maipu?
For the most part, finding a spot to park the car in Maipu isn’t too difficult. If you’re on the way to one of the busier sights in town, it’s a good idea to look at parking options before you leave.
What happens if I get a speeding fine while driving a rental car in Santiago?
One of two things will happen. Your chosen car rental company may bill the amount stated on the fine to your credit card. This is the usual practice. Alternatively, it may give your contact information to local law enforcement agencies so the fine is sent straight to you.
Are seat belts compulsory in Santiago?
Seat belts are compulsory in Santiago. That being said, these rules may differ for some vehicles, such as those used by public transportation networks.
Is it illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Maipu?
As with many places, standard cell phone usage is prohibited while driving around Maipu. An exception applies for hands-free or Bluetooth capabilities. Just remember to stay focused on the road.
What are the rules around drink driving in Maipu?
In Maipu, it is a punishable offence to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) in excess of 0.05%. If you’re thinking of having a few drinks with lunch or dinner, leave the car at your hotel.
Is turning on a red light allowed in Maipu?
You aren’t allowed to turn on a red light in Maipu. When you encounter one, take the opportunity to enjoy a couple of mindful moments until the light switches back to green.