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Where is Northumberland?

Are you the sort of tourist who takes pleasure in planning every exact detail of your vacation? Or would you prefer to hop in your rental car and let life surprise you? Whatever starts your motor, there are some key facts about Northumberland that'll help get you on your way. You'll need to book a flight to England to make it to this terrific destination.

What are the best road trip destinations in Northumberland?

With long stretches of well-kept highways and open roads, many travelers choose to turn their Northumberland vacations into driving journeys. If you're putting together a road trip to remember, you'll want to know which cities to add to your bucket list. Here are some of the most impressive cities to explore in this magnificent place:

  • Blyth (population of 36,4)
  • Berwick-upon-Tweed (population of 26,)
  • Bedlington (population of 16,8)
  • Morpeth (population of 13,9)

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