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Where is Wakayama?

Impromptu travel can be tons of fun, but before you screw up that map and throw away your guide book, let us tell you some details about Wakayama. This part of Japan is home to around 351, people. If you want to discover what exciting things there are to see and do here, you could always steer your rental car in the direction of one of the busy haunts in town and strike up a conversation with some of the friendly locals.

What are the best road trip destinations in Wakayama?

Adventure awaits around every twist and turn of this incredible region. Wakayama is one of those places where the journey is just as exciting as each of its stunning destinations. With your own rental vehicle, you can spend as long as your heart desires exploring every one of its hidden treasures. Here are some of the most well-known cities in this magnificent place:

  • Wakayama (population of 351,)
  • Tanabe (population of 69,6)
  • Hashimoto (population of 57,1)
  • Iwade (population of 55,6)

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