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Where is Guarda District?

Impromptu travel can be thrilling, but before you screw up that map and throw out your guide book, let us tell you some things about Guarda District. This part of Portugal is home to roughly 32,1 people. If you want to find out what cool things there are to see here, you could always point your car in the direction of one of the popular haunts in town and chat to some of the friendly locals.

Where are the best road trip destinations in Guarda District?

The journey is often just as fun as the destination itself. Rent your own wheels and enjoy your Guarda District getaway at your leisure. Cruise the open roads between its most amazing destinations and make every second of this great road trip unforgettable. Aim to include as many of this country's most famous destinations on your itinerary as you can:

  • Seia
  • Guarda
  • Vila Nova de Foz Coa
  • Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo

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