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America Rent a Car: All you need to know

Need a rental car in Mexico? America Car Rental offers several collection points across the country, including in the excitingly diverse capital of Mexico City and the ever-popular resort of Cancun. Search for the latest deals at

How can I save money on my rental?

Taking time to compare car rental deals online can pay dividends, though it’s normally possible to cut costs further by using the following tips:

  • Avoid adding more than one additional driver to your policy;
  • Book your vehicle with America Car Rental ahead of your stay;
  • Avoid collecting rental vehicles from airports;
  • Check whether the fuel and mileage policies fit your travel plans.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. You’ll need to be at least 21 to get behind the wheel of a vehicle from America Car Rentals.

Does America Car Rental allow additional drivers?

Sure thing. One additional driver can be added to your policy at no extra charge. It’s possible to add a second additional driver, although a daily surcharge will be payable for this convenience.

What’s the mileage policy at America Car Rental?

Several options may be available to you, though it’s fairly typical to enjoy unlimited mileage with rentals cars in Mexico. Other geographic restrictions may apply, though, so be sure to check the details of your policy carefully.

And how about the fuel policy?

You’ll need to return your rental car with the same amount of fuel you found in it on collection day. Using a full-to-full fuel approach, this means that if you pick up the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, you’ll need to fill the tank back up when you’re finished with the car.

What’s the rental fleet like at America Car Rental?

It’s quite impressive. For budget drivers, there are countless cheap rental cars, though the rental company has plenty of luxury options on the menu, too. In between, you’ll find cars that are perfect for couples, friends, and families.

What documents will I need?

In addition to your photo driving license, you’ll also need another form of photo ID, along with a valid credit card. Insurance will also need to be in place. Cover can be added to your booking on if needed.

What type of car is the best choice?

That will largely depend on your budget, though you’ll also need to consider how many people you’re traveling with, as well as where and how far you plan to drive. The following table should help you decide which car is the right fit for your trip:

A look back at America Car Rental

A long-established company in Mexico’s car rental industry, America Car Rental has built a reputation for offering both good service and good value. The company is especially well-known for providing car rental at Cancun Airport, though it has also used its trading years to develop its rental coverage in the likes of Los Cabos and Guadalajara. > America