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Aren’t road trips the best? There’s nothing better than cruising down the highway with uninterrupted thoughts of freedom. Well, uninterrupted thoughts until you see a sign asking you what “The Thing” is or you catch a glimpse of a six-pack of beer the size of skyscrapers. Next time you’re ready to drive into the sunset, follow our list of the best road trip attractions along the way.

Texas – Cadillac Ranch

Just off the famed Route 66 in the middle of the West Texas oil fields is a public art installation dedicated to the skeletons of old Cadillacs. The classic cars are half-buried nose first in the hard soil, at angles that represent the Great Pyramid of Giza. Grab a can of spray paint and add to the eclectic collection of tags.

Kentucky – Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum

The “Bluegrass State” is known for many wonderful things like basketball, bourbon, and the colonel’s fried chicken. But it also has one of the creepiest museums on the planet. The Vent Haven Museum is the world’s only museum of ventriloquial figures and memorabilia.

Wisconsin – Largest Six-Pack of Beer

What would you expect to find along the banks of the Mississippi River? Probably things like frogs and fishermen. But in La Crosse, Wisconsin, you’ll be happy to know that a few steps from the mighty Mississippi sits the World’s Largest Six-Pack. Built as storage tanks for the old G. Heileman Brewery, someone had the bright idea to paint them to look like giant cold-one cans.

Arizona – The Thing

“The Thing. What is it?” If you’ve ever driven the stretch of Interstate 10 between El Paso and Tucson, you’ve seen those five words painted on hundreds of billboards. And after 200 plus miles of question after question, you’ve got to make this road side stop. At least for our sake, because we don’t even know what “The Thing” is.

Maine – Lenny the Chocolate Moose

Last, but certainly not least, is the 1,700-pound, 18-year old chocolate moose in the town of Scarborough. His name? Lenny. And he stands stoic inside of an ice cream parlor, which is a perfect setting for him since he can’t be in a room with a temperature under 70 degrees. Just don’t be like that greedy German kid in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and sneak a taste.

There you have it, folks. The wackiest road trip tourist attractions in America. From something in the Arizona desert to half-buried Cadillacs in the Texas oil fields, you’re sure to find something that’ll catch your attention on your next road trip.

Header photo via Flickr/scott1346