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A huge highlight of traveling is the food, especially if you prefer to feed your ardent appetite with daring dishes. When you’re taking in Germany’s sites, don’t simply eat out of convenience — swap the familiar for something a little out of the ordinary.

This interactive infographic guides you to the best foodie destinations throughout Germany!

A sensory meal with great company can provide unforgettable experiences. As you prepare for a meat-heavy journey of boiled currywurst and wienerschnitzel, know that there’s a variety of bold, complex ways modern chefs prepare these iconic delicacies. While you’re there, go gourmet! Here are a few of the restaurants explored in the infographic.

Tastes That Stand the Test of Time

If you’re a history buff hungering for recipes as traditional as the country’s castles, try a few of Germany’s oldest restaurants to taste staples of Bavarian culture. These locations offer authentic regional dishes that Germans have taken pride in for hundreds of years. Dine as the locals do.


Dresden, Germany

Specialty: Dresdner Stollen

This dish is so popular that it has its own festival. Every December, the holiday season is kicked off with a 2,000-pound Stollen, sliced under the watchful gaze of the Stollenmädchen, or fruitcake princess.

Weinstube Fröhlich

Stuttgart, Germany

Specialty: Spätzle

No German tour is complete without trying Spätzle, a traditional pasta-like dish made from fluffy dough. This restaurant specializes in cheesy Spätzle, which is often served as a side to meaty dishes.


Decadent Deutsch


Seeking elegantly garnished and beautifully plated, tiny portions? From preparation to presentation, these chefs’ expressive techniques ensure you experience Germany in sophisticated luxury. These German fine-dining restaurants blend artful detail and classy service.


La Vie

Osnabrück, Germany

Specialty: Saddle of venison with smoked beef marrow, boudin noir, beets, and ceps

Chef Thomas Bühner’s creations are works of great beauty and refinement, incorporating several ingenious takes on the same ingredient.



Baiersbronn, Germany

Specialty: Foie gras and roe deer

This small town has been recognized as one of the world’s most unexpected restaurant capitals by the New York Times. Head chef Claus-Peter Lumpp makes cooking an art form, using fresh meats from the Bareiss hunting grounds.


Visually Stunning Combinations


Food is a visual and aromatic experience. In Germany, it is even a physical one when you step inside a giant dumpling. If you prefer scanning panoramic views over a menu, these German restaurants are set in gorgeous waterside venues. The surroundings are sure to liven the taste buds of a wide-ranging palette.



Wolfsburg, Germany

Specialty: Smoked trout, Savora-mustard, potato, & cucumber relish

In this “posh stop” nestled by the water, visitors are wowed by beautiful decor, big windows, and one of two multi-course menus—Little Journey and Big Journey.

Brücke 10

Hamburg, Germany

Specialty: Fischbrötchen

Brücke 10’s fare is simple but spectacular. Crispy onion rings and fresh fish combined with a “colorful crew” and waterside views make it a memorable place to sit back and take it slow.


Modern Foodie Finds


If you’re in the mood for deliciously different flavors and textures, these imaginative chefs fuse unusual ingredients for creative taste. To get the most out of your travel and feel totally transported, sample these inspired, inventive arrangements you won’t find anywhere else.



Baiersbronn, Germany

Specialty: Wine and small plates

At a restaurant where the sommelier is known as “the walking wine dictionary,” you know you’re about to have an unforgettable culinary experience. Try bold flavors and daring combinations such as wild shrimp with cucumber jelly or snail ragout with garlic chips and crispy bacon.


Gasthaus Blume

Freiburg, Germany

Specialty: Flammkuchen

Flammkuchen is essentially pizza, but with a very thin rectangular crust. This dish is traditionally topped with fromage blanc or crème fraîche, sliced onions, and chopped, salty meat.


Check out the infographic for the full list of best food stops the German nation has to offer!

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